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Russell Indexes in FRED

FRED recently added a set of stock market performance indexes from Russell Investments, and this graph offers three of them. These indexes measure the total market value of U.S. stocks—that is, the value of these stocks over time, as dividends are reinvested. The Russell 3000 index includes the largest 3000 firms in the stock market, representing about 98% of total capitalization. The Russell 2000 index includes 2000 of the smallest securities, and the Russell 1000 index includes 1000 of the largest securities. While the small caps (the 2000 index) sometimes deviate from the larger companies, in the long run their return is remarkably similar. In other words, it is difficult to see from these indexes whether small caps have a return that is different from that of other stocks.

How this graph was created: Go to the Russell source, select the series you want, and click “Add to graph.”

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann

View on FRED, series used in this post: RU1000TR, RU2000TR, RU3000TR

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