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FRED now provides a widget for your web page or blog—like the one shown here. You can fully customize it and choose up to 10 series. In this case, we chose some popular series for Ireland. But the entire FRED database is available for this widget.

Note that FRED account holders can also create dashboards with the series they like to follow closely. Dashboards are much more customizable and can be made public; for example, you can share them with your readers, coworkers, or students.

How this widget was created: Go to the Data Tools tab, then to the Embedded FRED Data section. Click on the Configure Your FRED Widget link: This form is preset with popular U.S. series, but you may add or delete series at will. Once done, click on “Get the Code!” and copy and paste the code where you want it.

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann

View on FRED, series used in this post: Settings must be an array

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