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Mapping international data

GeoFRED, part of the FRED family, allows you to map many data series that exist in FRED. GeoFRED just underwent a major overhaul and now features a modern layout and plenty of new functionality. It also includes plenty of data series that cover a wide range of geographical territory. It used to cover only regional U.S. data, such as states, counties, and MSAs; but now it also encompasses international data, such as the per capita GDP data shown above. Enjoy exploring this renewed site!

How this map was created: The original post referenced an interactive map from our now discontinued GeoFRED site. The revised post provides a replacement map from FRED’s new mapping tool. To create FRED maps, go to the data series page in question and look for the green “VIEW MAP” button at the top right of the graph. See this post for instructions to edit a FRED map. Only series with a green map button can be mapped.

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann.

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