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Unemployment by occupation

The new FRED release tables make it much easier to find related series. One example is Table A-13 in the BLS’s household data release, which describes the employment situation by occupation. The graph here shows the unemployment rate in some occupations: Clearly, any occupation linked to producing stuff or moving it has 1) a higher unemployment rate and 2) substantial seasonal fluctuations. Also, even in the best times (booms in the summer) these occupations maintain a higher unemployment rate than others. Why is that? A similar graphical ladder exists for unemployment rates by educational attainment (discussed in a previous post on this blog), and similar factors may be at work behind this graph.

How this graph was created: Go to release Table A-13, select the relevant series, and click on the “add to graph” button.

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann

View on FRED, series used in this post: LNU04032215, LNU04032219, LNU04032222, LNU04032226

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