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New York City vs. suburban incomes

FRED offers plenty of U.S. county-level data, including per capita personal income. One can look closely at individual counties in FRED and create regional maps in GeoFRED. This map focuses on New York City and the surrounding counties. One peculiarity worth noting is that each city borough is also its own state county: New York (Manhattan borough), Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn borough), Queens, and Richmond (Staten Island borough). There are stark contrasts in income across all these counties, with Manhattan clearly on top. The surrounding counties, however, have incomes higher than any borough other than Manhattan. Thus, even the Big Apple obeys the rule that incomes are generally higher for suburban residents.

How this graph was created: Go to GeoFRED and click on “Build New Map.” Open the tool bar in the top left corner: Under “Region Type,” select “County.” Under “Data,” search for and select “Per Capita Personal Income.”

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann

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