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FRED is looking good


We asked for feedback, and our users delivered. Thank you!

The FRED series page has been revamped, and some of you have even been peeking at on our beta site over the past several weeks. We hope you like the results as much as we do. Here are the major changes:

  • FRED now lives at fred.stlouisfed.org. All traffic from the old address will be redirected, so no reason to worry about your bookmarks or old links.
  • We made the graph the star of the pageā€”that is, BIGGER!
  • You can now see the edits to the graph as you make them. No need for scrolling. Click on the “Edit Graph” button to open the side panel.
  • We have reimagined and rewritten the FRED “Help” section: fredhelp.stlouisfed.org.
  • You can also get help from the short videos in the side panel. Just click on the info buttons.
  • When adding a line, the search box remembers your previous series.
  • Notes and related content remain beneath the graph.
  • The “Related Resources” section now includes thumbnails of relevant material. We’ll keep adding more to this section.
  • When sharing a graph, you can now control whether the sample window should update in the future.
  • All download options are available from a single location, including downloading several series at a time.
  • Plus many more small tweaks and improvements.


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