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The continued rise of humans

The world’s population continues to increase: The GeoFRED map above shows 2014’s percent change in population growth for all nations, and the majority of nations have growth over 1%. The darker shades indicate higher growth, and Africa and the Middle East have the majority of significantly high population increases. In fact, some central African countries are growing by more than 3%. The highest population growth in 2014, 8.1%, was in Oman. Most of the population growth is occurring in less-developed countries, which may be caused by improved health care, which decreases the infant mortality rate. The fertility rate, however, has stayed high, generating an even-larger increase in population. The map below from 2004 shows that there has been minimal change in growth rates over the past decade. Check back with GeoFRED in the future to see things develop.

How this map was created: On the GeoFRED page, click on “Tools” and expand the “Choose Data” section. Under “Data,” search for “population growth” and select it. After the map has loaded, it will default to the most-recent data available. Expand the “Edit Legend” section and change the number of classes to 4. Then, manually set the values for the intervals. The year can be changed under the “Choose Data” section.

Suggested by Joshua Berry.

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