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Local economic conditions at election time

It’s election time, and the outcomes at all levels are often influenced by recent economic conditions. One particularly important economic indicator is the unemployment rate. While this is certainly not the only factor, it’s been an important one for this election cycle.

The map shows how this rate has changed, county by county, over the past twelve months. There’s no doubt that regions vary quite a bit. The national average is fairly stable, but the rate in some counties increased by more than a percentage point and in others decreased by more than a percentage point.

FRED and GeoFRED have a plethora of regional information for the United States, in particular at the level of states, counties, and MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas). You can explore your region by searching for its name or by browsing the regional data category. We also offer several handy PDFs with a poster of the economic conditions in various states. There’s plenty to look at. And, as always, more is on the way…

How this map was created: The latest map of unemployment rate by county is on the front page of GeoFRED. For this map, open the tools side bar and modify the units to “Change from Year Ago.”

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann.

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