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Mapping state GDP growth

While national GDP growth stays within a rather narrow band, the same cannot be said of GDP growth at the state level. The map above shows great diversity across states in 2016, from –6.5% in North Dakota to +3.7% in Washington. The regional differences stem from the fact that many states are poorly diversified when taken individually, and these differences wash out when you aggregate up to the national level. Note also that state-level fortunes can change rapidly. The map below shows growth rates for 2015, when Texas had the highest growth rate; it was among the lowest in 2016, though. North Dakota was the lowest this year, but that was after a stunning +7.3% rate of growth in 2014. Follow the link below the graph and you can also check how the situation changes from year to year across the United States.

How these maps were created: In GeoFRED, select state-level maps. Within the tool box, look for data about real total GDP. Finally, change units to “Percent Change From Year Ago.”

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann.

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