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FRED on Frederick

County- and metropolitan-level data in FRED

FRED does not offer data on itself, but it does offer data on Frederick.

Frederick is a town in Maryland that gave its name to its county and metropolitan area. There’s also a Frederick County in neighboring Virginia. A FRED search for Frederick gives (at the time of this writing) 554 results: 290 for counties and 264 for metropolitan areas. We invite our friends to explore the world of regional data in FRED, which you can monitor with the use of FRED’s dashboard feature. For now, back to Frederick.

Both Fredericks are within commuting distance to Washington, D.C., and have experienced strong population growth. Just look at the first FRED graph. This population growth has also led to sustained growth in income in both counties, which the FRED graph above shows. A population boom combined with rising incomes leads us naturally to more expensive housing, as the FRED graph below shows.

How these graphs were created: In each case, we started from the search for “Frederick,” clicked on one series, clicked on “Edit Graph,” and added the other line by searching for the other series in the “Add Line” tab.

Suggested by Christian Zimmermann.

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