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The FRED Blog turns 10!

Ten years ago, we started the FRED Blog with the idea that we could demonstrate the power of FRED, the intricacies of data, and the relevance of economics. At first, we weren’t sure there’d be an audience. But we developed our concept of starting with a FRED graph and telling a story about what it can (and sometimes cannot) reveal to us. After 966 posts, we’re still discovering new FRED stories to tell.

Our readers are curious about economic data, and they share FRED Blog stories in the classroom, include them in their economic news reporting, or discuss them on social media. We deeply appreciate our readers, who motivate us to continue for another decade. There’s much more to discover and discuss.

If you’re wondering which posts get the most attention, check out our top 10 over 10 years:

  1. What’s behind the recent surge in the M1 money supply? (2021)
  2. The Taylor Rule (2014)
  3. The puzzle of real median household income (2016)
  4. The price and weight of a bar of gold: Raise the bar at the St. Louis Fed’s Economy Museum (2020)
  5. Savings are now more liquid and part of “M1 money”: Regulation D has made savings deposits as convenient as currency (2021)
  6. Loan delinquency (2014)
  7. How to calculate the term premium: Measuring Treasuries to track yield curve inversions (2019)
  8. What’s the story with mortgage rates? Accounting for inflation’s effects (2022)
  9. New details on mortgage rates: What impact does a FICO score have? (2020)
  10. What’s up (or down) with the yield curve? Analyzing the new most-popular series in FRED

Keep in mind that older posts have had more time to accumulate readers. We also want to mention the 11th top post, which is from 2023: Was there a tech-hiring bubble? Indeed.com job postings data suggest so. Honorable mention goes to a post that was, by far, the most discussed on social media, although it barely makes the top 100 in readership: Turkey or Tofurkey? A protein price comparison for the Thanksgiving meal (2021).

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