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Data on families

Maps and charts for Mother’s Day

Did you remember to call your mother yesterday? Did you send flowers? Why not also send her a (belated) FRED dataset? Above is one example—a colorful GeoFRED map showing county-level data on single-parent households with children. Below is another—a pie chart showing the percentages of family types with their own children: married couples, single mothers, and single fathers.

Once you’ve selected some FRED data, explore more graph formats by clicking on “Edit Graph” from the series page. You can get to the series page for the FRED data shown here by clicking on “View on GeoFRED” and “Customize” at the bottom of the image. From the “Format” tab, navigate through the options, including colors and patterns.

And don’t forget to say “Thank you” to Mom!

How the map was created: The original post referenced an interactive map from our now discontinued GeoFRED site. The revised post provides a replacement map from FRED’s new mapping tool. To create FRED maps, go to the data series page in question and look for the green “VIEW MAP” button at the top right of the graph. See this post for instructions to edit a FRED map. Only series with a green map button can be mapped.
How the pie graph was created: In FRED, search for “Total Families with Children under 18 Years Old with Married Couple.” From the “Edit Graph” panel, use the “Add Line” feature to search for and select the “Total One Parent Families with Children under 18 Years Old with Mother.” Do the same to add the series “Total One Parent Families with Children under 18 Years Old with Father.” From the “Format” tab select “Graph type: Pie” and pick segment colors to taste.

Suggested by Diego Mendez-Carbajo.

View on FRED, series used in this post: FMLWCUMC, OPFWCUFO, OPFWCUMO

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