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April is National Poetry Month…even for FRED

National Poetry Month is April.
Believe it or not, the bloggers for FRED
thought a lyrical post could be offered
to celebrate and also be helpful.

FRED provides a bounty of statistics
to the public and the academy
describing our wondrous economy
across numerous characteristics.

O, the Current Population Survey
(brought to us by the U.S. BLS,
a source that is diligent and zealous)
is a labor market data bouquet.

We graph the writerly occupation
(whether wage-earning or on salary)
where men and women have equality
in large part—but lo! A deviation!

Notice the gain for the fairer gender:
a 2014 female vertex!
Why is this so? Poets lack a context,
and economists are left to wonder.


How this graph was created: For clarity let us return to prose: A search for “writers” provides you with several results, including the two series shown here. Select the two series and click on “Add to Graph.” If you mouse over the data points, you’ll see that, although men and women had similar levels for most of the period shown, in 2014 the number for men is 42K and the number for women is 60K. (NB: We did not include technical writers in this graph, as their role seems less poetic.)

Suggested by George Fortier and Christian Zimmermann.

View on FRED, series used in this post: LEU0254593200A, LEU0254700000A

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